Lord, Roll on Thy Work:
The World of Joseph Fielding

Researched and Written by Julie Cannon Markham

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Title Page


Chapters and Headings

Fielding Families

Chapter 1 Fielding Family in England (p 1-22)

Chapter 2 Fielding Children Begin Their Own Lives (p 23-43)

Chapter 3 Immigration of Future LDS Converts to Toronto (p 44-55)

Chapter 4 Methodist Study Group Searches for Truth (p 56-69)

Chapter 5 Parley P. Pratt Teaches the Restored Gospel in Toronto (p 70-87)

Chapter 6 The LDS Church Grows in Canada (p 88-103)

Chapter 7 Joseph Fielding Called to Serve a Mission in England (p 104-118)

Chapter 8 LDS Missionaries Leave New York City for England in 1837 (p 119-133)

Chapter 9 James Fielding Rejects Joseph Fielding’s Message (p 134-148)

Chapter 10 British Missionaries Encounter Persecution and Rejection (p 149-163)

Chapter 11 Missionary Work Progresses Through the End of 1837 (p 164-180)

Chapter 12 Apostles Return to Kirtland; Joseph Fielding Leads the Mission (p 181-197)

Chapter 13 Joseph Smith Imprisoned While Work Continues in England (p 198-217)

Chapter 14 British Missionaries Await More Apostles from the States (p 218-239)

Chapter 15 LDS Missionaries are Successful in England (p 240-258)

Chapter 16 British Saints Begin to Emigrate (p 259-276)

Chapter 17 Joseph Fielding Preaches the Gospel in Bedford (p 277-288)

Chapter 18 Greenhalgh Families Remain in Kirtland (p 289-305)

Chapter 19 Joseph Smith Addresses the British Saints (p 306-316)

Chapter 20 Joseph Fielding Ends His Fourth Year as a Missionary (p 317-326)

Chapter 21 Joseph Fielding Returns to North America with a Family (p 337-346)

Chapter 22 Joseph Fielding Settles in Nauvoo (p 347-359)

Chapter 23 Joseph and Hyrum Smith Leave for Carthage (p 360-375)

Chapter 24 The Martyrdom (p 376-396)

Chapter 25 Brigham Young Leads the Church (p 397-416)

Chapter 26 The Saints Prepare to Leave Nauvoo (p 417-427)

Chapter 27 The Nauvoo Temple is Completed (p 428-440)

Chapter 28 The Three Fielding Siblings Leave Nauvoo (p 441-453)

Chapter 29 The Three Fielding Siblings Arrive in Winter Quarters (p 454-464)

Chapter 30 Brigham Young’s Vanguard Company (p 465-474)

Chapter 31 Mercy Fielding Thompson is Among the First to Reach the Valley (p 475-484)

Chapter 32 Joseph Fielding and Mary Fielding Smith Live in Winter Quarters (p 485-497)

Chapter 33 Mary Fielding Smith Fears She Will Not Make it to the Valley (p 498-509)

Chapter 34 Joseph Fielding and Mary Fielding Smith Arrive in Salt Lake City (p 510-520)

Chapter 35 Joseph Fielding Serves in a Bishopric and the Legislature (p 521-536)

Chapter 36 Mary Fielding Smith Dies in 1852 (p 537-552)

Chapter 37 The Reformation (p 553-581)

Chapter 38 The Utah War Begins (p 565-581)

Chapter 39 Joseph Fielding and Mercy Fielding Thompson Return from Provo (p 582-597)

Chapter 40 Joseph Fielding Dies (p 598-614)

Chapter 41 Joseph Fielding Smith and Mercy Fielding Thompson (p 615-634)

Chapter 42 Mercy F. Thompson and Mary Ann P. Fielding Return to England (p 635-656)

Chapter 43 Mercy Fielding Thompson is the Last of the Fieldings to Die (p 657-670)

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